Traders' Peak Performance Mastermind Program

The first Traders' Peak Performance Mastermind Program of its kind in the history of trading.


"Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what will manifest on the outside."

- John Assaraf


If you're looking for different results, you need to make new choices, which is what brought you here. The power that controls what we want is our beliefs.  Beliefs about what is good, bad and what is right for us. Sometimes those beliefs align with what we want, but often times they don't and that slows us down from achieving our dreams.  Also, what slows us down is emotional baggage. Just as it is called, it weighs us down and hinders our forward momentum.


The goal of this Mastermind program is to release any of these disabling beliefs so we can really get what we want.  In the end, everything you have created up to this point is exactly what you wanted subconsciously. What we are going to do is change your subconscious so it aligns with the life of your dreams. 


We will keep our eye on the goal and release any part of you that is resisting what you really want in your life. If we catch any negative emotions or negative beliefs, we will release them immediately through a proven and proprietary technique that has worked on thousands of other students around the world. 


What is the life of your dreams? Do you know how to ask for exactly what you want? 


This program will help you get clear and be very specific about what you want. What house do you want? How much money do you want in your bank account? How much do you want to make per year? What are your trading goals?  As well as... Who do you want your friends to be? What is your vision for your family? How do you want to feel? What are your health goals? And any other goals you want to cover. 


We’ll privately guide you through answering these questions so you can have clear objectives for us to work towards during this Mastermind program.

Identify Your Current Inner Beliefs

What emotions do you experience when you trade? How strong are they from 0 to 10?  We will help you identify your limiting beliefs and emotions so that we can replace them with the beliefs that will give you the results you want.

Replace Current Beliefs With Your Desired Beliefs

Our beliefs and emotions are like an archaeological mound, some issues go all the way down and some issues are more concentrated on the surface and therefore are easier to release.  No matter the depth of the belief, we will use a technique that will work on deep beliefs as well as those on the surface and replace those with the beliefs that will have you living the life of your dreams.

Apply This To Every Aspect Of Your Life

Identifying and replacing your limiting beliefs and emotions will not only help your trading but will improve every aspect of your life.  As we walk you through this program you'll start to see the benefits touch everything from your relationships to your bank account! 

The Trading Mastermind Program

  • The Quantum Peak Performance Technique

    The Quantum Peak Performance Technique, developed by Peak Performance Coach Gilia Chazan,  allows you to face adversity, uncover any roadblocks and remove anything that is holding you back from achieving your full potential for success on all levels.

  • Designed For Traders

    This course has been specifically designed for traders to improve their mindset for trading and to help them achieve the result they want and need. 

  • How Does It Work?

    Stress is not a roadblock it is a doorway and once we understand that and know how to use it, we can become more powerful and more effective in our life. 


    Every situation we are in bears the seeds of its solution. Any adversity we are dealing with can be effectively dealt with by correctly facing the situation head-on. The issue is not so much the adversity that we are facing but our reaction to it and that is completely under our control.

  • The Program

    • 5 Mastermind Sessions - Live online group sessions
    • Access to recordings of all sessions in the members' area
    • Self study materials in the members' area
    • 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Gilia

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